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Many of us have heard the term “residual income” many times before. It simply means getting paid over and over for the effort you have put forth one time. In sales, I may sell a product that a customer will need over and over for many years. I can...
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Executive Coaching and Effective Learning

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We’ve all been through training events—workshops, seminars, and courses that didn’t affect our behavior as much as we would have preferred. And while each provides valuable information and tools for increased productivity, most of us also understand what happens after the workshop is over. We return to our work, our offices, our lives—and the principles we learned are swept aside by a tidal wave of meetings, projects, and commitments. If we’re motivated, we find a moment to reflect on and consolidate a couple of relevant points, but industry studies show that most new learning is lost within a few days of the event—as much as 90% in some cases. So what’s the solution?

Think for a moment how you learned most of the truly valuable skills you possess. The fact is most effective learning comes from our relationships and interactions with others. Parents, coaches, mentors—all have had their impact on our lives. They guide us as we take steps in a new direction, and help us overcome the natural obstacles that arise.

True and lasting change takes time—time to practice, to think, to commit. The accountability we experience when others are involved in our personal change process is a powerful ingredient to keep us on track. A coach can provide the guidance, the accountability, the “mirror” for our ideas that will challenge us, help us grow, and keep us moving forward.

Executive Coaching from the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) consists of highly experienced professionals with “time in the trenches,” who understand the real demands and pressures you face. Further, they utilize a proven process that will enable you to define priorities, create effective action plans, and stick with your commitments.

If you’ve struggled with changing the status quo; if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by competing demands for your professional and personal energies; if you’re wondering how to create the career track that will bring you the most satisfaction; if you need assistance in time and life management, strategic thinking, or interpersonal relationships, CMOE’s Executive Coaches may be your solution.

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To learn more about Executive Coaching or other leadership skills offered by CMOE, please contact one of their Regional Managers at (801)569-3444. They will be more than willing to discuss their worldwide experience with you in more detail.


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